Wednesday, November 19, 2008

10 Easy Tips to save on heating
In celebration of the Freeze Your Buns Challenge, here are 10 tips to save on heating!

1) Lower your water heaterYou can usually turn it down to about 120 degrees without noticing a difference.

2) Lower your thermostatFor every degree you turn it down you will save around 3% of your bill. If you like it warm, turn it down before you leave the house and turn it back up again when you get home.

3) Use free solar energyOpen the shades/drapes of the windows that face the sun. Close the drapes that don't

4) Cover your water pipelinesFoam covers are sold at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, and other home improvement stores. They are pre cut and ready to go - all you do is slip them around the pipe. Easy peasy and they help your water stay hot

5) Use a programmable thermostatYou can program it to automatically warm up before you wake up in the morning and before you come home from work. It makes lowering the temperature of your home easy

6) Change your air filterThis will cost around $5 and it will save 3-10% on your heating bill

7) Seal leaksIf your door seeps air than add a sweep, if your window frame leaks than caulk it. Wherever you feel a draft, try to close it up :)

8) Clear your heating ventsIf items are placed over or in front of the heating vent it restricts the air flow and causes your heater to work harder.

9) Do not overuse the bathroom and kitchen fansThese fans are designed to expel air to the outside at a super fast rate. Only use them when you need to!

10) Check your windowsIf you can afford the super insulated ones then go with that. They will increase the value of your house and save money on your bill. If you are like us and you can't afford them (yet - we will all get there one day!) then make sure any spaces are patched/caulked and you can also apply a thin layer of plastic to give a second layer. Many stores will sell plastic kits that stick to the frame of the window. They usually cost less than $5 and you can use a hair dryer to shrink them to the size of the window (you will never know they are there if you put them on right). These sheets will really cut back on drafts.

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