Saturday, November 8, 2008

BeautiControl Giveaway!

To attract more people to my blog in hopes of sharing my information with others, I will be giving away two Beauticontrol Products for free!!! Leave me a comment sharing an original Thrifty idea or method you use to make your budget stretch farther! I will be posting pictures of the products a little later, and will also tell more about how BeautiControl and Spas have helped me in my efforts to save money!!! Winners will be chosen November 20th! Good Luck!!


Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

I'll enter! Can't wait to see what the products are!

Jesica said...

oooh! a surprise giveaway! fun!

I guess my best thrifty tip would be thrift stores. I've saved SOOOO much money by shopping thrifts.

If you got the time to go through everything and find what you want - TOTALLY worth the effort. (I'm wearing 99 cent pants right now)

Deane said...

My thrifty tip is to barter when you can.

And to always use coupons!!

deane_williams at sbcglobal dot net

Angie said...

My thrifty tip is to buy meat in the family packs. It is usually cheaper by the pound. I then divide it into smaller portions and freeze it. A deep freeze is also an important part of can stock up when you fund good prices!

Elissa said...

My thrifty tip is to find a day-old bread store. We have saved a lot of money on bread!

Paige said...

I shop at garage sales in the summer, and avoid paying a lot for kids' clothes.