Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cheap and Easy Christmas Decorating!

Okay, after talking to my precious Aunt Marilyn, I now have many ideas on how to decorate safely with two toddlers and cheaply at the same time! She once had two little girls that LOVED to touch their Christmas tree, so she offered a variety of suggestions! These also bring back some of the fun of making your decorations together, and enjoying the process as a family, rather than hurridly throwing ornaments around!
To begin with, and this sounds like such a great afternoon project for Christmas time, they all baked tiny Gingerbread men together and decorated them, then (after leaving a small hole in the top before baking) put thread through the holes and placed them on the tree! If a kid were to happen to get into these, at least it would only be a sugar rush and not something toxic! Secondly, they strung froot loops as well as cranberries and popcorn to decorate the tree. Again, if a child were to happen to nibble some during the making of the garlands, all would be fine, and also they will have such pride in knowing they decorated the tree!

I thriftily and decorated my tree last year (just one toddler then!) by tying bows on the limbs of my tree and hanging candy canes. Simple, yet safe, cheap and attractive.

Finally, the best thing Aunt Marilyn did (after her youngest daughter pulled the tree over) was to take a small circular gate and paint it red, then ring it round the tree to where noone could sneakily grab it's branches!

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